our windows

Our window business is based on volume. That is the only way that we are able to beat our competition. We buy such a large volume of windows that our manufacturing facility has given us unprecedented pricing and even our own line of windows. We pass this cost savings directly to the consumer and we make our money on our professional installation services. Most of our competitors buy their windows at retail cost and try to mark them up by over 100% with promises of additional warrantees. Our goal is simple. We offer high-quality, energy efficient windows backed by a factory warranty at the lowest possible prices…period. 

Here are a few key features of our windows:

Double Pane
Virtually all replacement windows use double pane technology. It offers better strength and insulation. We can even fill them with argon gas to help insulate and prevent UV penetration.

Fusion Welded
We fusion weld our sash and frame corners for permanent, weather-tight performance. This adds strength and longevity to your window.

Argon Gas Filled
We offer this inert, colorless, nontoxic gas as an option for insulating double pane glass window units to reduce heat transfer.

UV Coated
Our coating is comprised of eleven optical tuned layers, providing optimal climate control, neutral aesthetics and plenty of natural light. These coatings consist of multiple layers of metals whose combined thickness is only 1/1000th the thickness of a human hair!

Warm Edge Spacers
The spacer is the material used to separate the two panes of glass. Our windows utilize warm edge technology and our insulating frames have such a warm interior surface that condensation on is significantly reduced under all weather conditions.

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